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Buying an EV? This Crypto Project Rewards You With Carbon Credits For Charging and Makes Payments Easy


C+Charge is a peer-to-peer payment platform and EV charging app that aims to increase electric vehicle adoption buy expanding access to EV charging networks. The platform allows users to easily and cheaply pay for their charging sessions and earn carbon credits in the process.

As the number of EVs on the road continues to grow, the need for convenient and affordable charging solutions becomes increasingly important. C+Charge aims to address this need by providing a simple and convenient way for EV owners to access charging networks and manage the costs associated with charging their vehicles.

By leveraging blockchain technology, C+Charge will be able to facilitate peer-to-peer payments and provide real-time updates on the availability of charging stations, making it easier for EV owners to charge their vehicles when they need to.

How C+Charge’s EV Charging App Works

By using C+Charge, EV owners can easily find and pay for charging sessions at a variety of locations, including public charging stations, private charging networks, and even at the homes of other EV owners who are willing to share their charging capabilities….

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