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5 Predictions For Banking And Fintech In 2023



It’s the beginning of a new year, which means it’s predictions/trends/forecast season for industry pundits (like me).

I always look forward to seeing what people have to say about what’s in store for the upcoming year, but, to be honest, I’m usually disappointed by most of the lists.

A list that basically says “things that started this year will continue into next year” isn’t very enlightening. Then there’s the confusion between “prediction” and “trend.” Saying “things that started this year will continue into next year” doesn’t really qualify as a prediction, does it?

I recently received an email that contained someone’s “open banking” predictions for 2023. Number three on the list: “The search for value continues.” That’s a prediction? I don’t even know what he means by “value.”

Back in the early 2000s, pundits would predict that each upcoming year would be “the year of the customer.” Still waiting on that one.

Five Predictions for Banking and Fintech in 2023

With hopes that I don’t fall into the traps that other pundits have fallen into, here are my banking and fintech predictions for 2023:

1) Big banks will…

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