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Best Crypto to Buy Today 21st January – APTOS, MEMAG, OP, FGHT, HBAR, CCHG, SOL, RIA, MANA, TARO, D2T


The global crypto market cap was $1.04 trillion on January 21. It is up 6.59% from the previous day. The total cryptocurrency market volume in 24 hours was $67.83B, representing a 68.33% increase. 

The best cryptocurrencies to buy today include APTOS, MEMAG, OP, FGHT, HBAR, CCHG, SOL, RIA, and MANA. This list is updated every day to ensure that you are getting the best crypto opportunities at the moment.


Aptos announced a partnership with Moralis, a Web3 infrastructure provider, on January 17. It will create customized Aptos APIs and support all current API node wrapper endpoints. 

Developers will soon be able to create and distribute apps at scale using Moralis Web3. It has played a significant role in the coin’s explosive growth.

Long-term investors should keep an eye on Aptos due to its enormous growth potential. At the time of writing, APT/USD had risen 51.67% in the previous 24 hours and was trading at $12.29.

Meta Masters Guild (MEMAG)

MEMAG, a new mobile gaming guild, aims to improve the P2E experience by providing fun games that encourage players to stay on the platform. 

The native token MEMAG is present in…

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