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Why Is Apple Stock Still Falling? Production Problems Still Driving This Stock Down


Key Takeaways

  • Apple stock prices fell some 27% in 2022.
  • Production problems in Chinese factories are putting downward pressure on stock prices.
  • Apple hit a $3 trillion valuation in January 2022. Since then, its valuation has fallen to less than $2 trillion.

In the last year, Apple stock has taken a tumble. Among the main problems causing the fall in stock prices are production issues that have plagued the company in recent months.

Let’s take a closer look at the production problems facing Apple.

What’s Happening?

In 2022, Apple stock prices fell by around 27%. The significant drop took a big bite out of Apple’s valuation. The company briefly hit a $3 trillion valuation early in 2022. But since then, Apple’s value fell to just under $2 trillion before edging back up to the $2 trillion mark a day later.

Of course, that still makes Apple a major company. In fact, it’s currently the largest publicly-traded company in the world. However, falling stock prices at this large company are obviously still cause for concern among investors.

The tumultuous economic climate isn’t doing Apple any favors. After all, most companies are seeing their stock…

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