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Brendan Fraser Refuses To Call Costume For The Whale A Fat Suit


Brendan Fraser refuses to refer to the costume he used for The Whale as a fat suit. A fat suit is a bodysuit used to thicken the appearance of an actor, and it’s often used for comedic effect. The Whale doesn’t use the suit with humorous intent but it was considered crucial to portraying Charlie accurately. Starring Fraser, Stranger Things’s Sadie Sink, Ty Simpkins, and Hong Chau, The Whale follows Charlie, a 600-pound English teacher who wishes to reconnect with his daughter (Sink). The costume Fraser wore was seamless and really sold the illusion director Darren Aronofsky and co. were going for.

In a video interview with Deadline, The Whale star Brendan Fraser says that he’ll never call the costume he wore a fat suit. Fraser stresses that the prosthetic suit had to be cumbersome, it had to obey the laws of physics and gravity, in order to fully put Fraser in the shoes of a 600-pound man with mobility…

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