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Ginny & Georgia Season 2 Ending Explained


Warning! Contains spoilers for Ginny & Georgia season 2

Nothing is ever as it seems on Ginny & Georgia, and that is especially true of the season 2 ending. Netflix’s Ginny & Georgia tells the story of the titular mother and daughter as they struggle to fit into Wellsbury while harboring some huge secrets from their past. Going into the end of season 2, signs seem to point to the Millers moving again after an altercation with Gil and Georgia’s relationship with Paul being on the rocks, but this is not to be. There are many surprises in Ginny & Georgia season 2, but the Netflix show manages to hold onto a few twists to shock audiences.

Ginny & Georgia season 2 ties up older plotlines, but it opens up just as many new stories. From the fallout of Ginny and Marcus’s breakup to Georgia and Paul’s surprising wedding, there are plenty of exciting twists and turns during the Ginny & Georgia season 2 ending. Here is the Ginny & Georgia season 2 ending explained in detail, including all the questions the show leaves unanswered in the finale.

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