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New Plane Clip Sees Gerard Butler Get Involved In A Brutal Fight


A new clip from Gerard Butler’s upcoming Plane sees his character’s phone call violently disrupted. Best known for his work in 300, The Phantom of the Opera, Law Abiding Citizen and The Bounty Hunter, Butler has become a strong name in film, especially within the action genre. In 2022, he starred in the drama-mystery Last Seen Alive and, in 2023, he’ll also appear in ARK: The Animated Series. His latest film Plane aims to add another action flick to his belt.

The latest Plane clip, from Collider, shows Gerard Butler’s character, Brodie Torrance, engage in a brutal fistfight.

The fight interrupts a phone call Brodie places with his daughter, as he tries to get her to jot down information and call for help. He is able to tell her his general whereabouts before a rebel attacks him from behind. Watch the clip above.

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