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Wednesday & Enid’s Relationship Perfectly Captured In Gorgeous Fan Art


A new Wednesday fan art perfectly illustrates the personality of Jenna Ortega’s lead character and that of her best friend, Enid (Emma Myers). Ortega stars as the eponymous Wednesday Addams in the Netflix series, which has become the second most-watched English-language series in the streamer’s history. Wednesday sees the main character join Nevermore Academy, a school for outcast teens with supernatural powers, while investigating a series of killings involving a rare monster, her parents’ tragic past, and a prophecy that links the young girl directly to Nevermore’s destruction.

Artist Gabriel Picolo has shared on Twitter a new fan art that perfectly depicts Wednesday’s and Enid’s relationship, along with the characters’ personalities.

Wednesday‘s recent season 2 renewal has inspired a wave of new fan art in celebration of the hit show continuing. DC Comics artist Picolo decided to create a new piece…

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