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Sandman Creator Neil Gaiman Details Why The Sandman Is Safe At Netflix


Showrunner Neil Gaiman makes it clear that The Sandman is safe from potential cuts at Netflix. The hit comic book adaptation saw Dream (Tom Sturridge) desperately working to recover after being held captive for years, during which time his own personal realm falls apart. The Sandman became an instant hit, which led to the show’s season 2 renewal in November 2022. While it is a massive Netflix success, numerous shows have received approval and have still been canceled without warning, leaving The Sandman‘s future in limbo.

One Tumblr user asked the creator whether the comic book show was actually safe, referring to Inside Job as an example where its season renewal was reverted and got canceled. Since The Sandman was renewed at Netflix, Gaiman responded on Tumblr to assure that The Sandman will be safe from any serious cuts at Netflix. Gaiman’s answer is enough to reassure that the production will be safe, using exaggerated…

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