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Prey 2 Talks Teased By Predator Prequel Star


After the first film’s rave success, Amber Midthunder has confirmed Prey 2 talks are underway. Midthunder led the cast of the Predator prequel movie as Naru, a fierce female warrior of a Comanche tribe living in the Great Plains in the early 1700s, eager to prove herself a worthy hunter alongside her brother and fellow tribesman. When a threat of extraterrestrial proportions begins terrorizing her and her tribe, Naru will rise up and show her worth. Directed by Dan Trachtenberg on a story he developed with screenwriter Patrick Aison, Prey scored rave reviews from critics and audiences alike, with many calling it the best Predator film since the original and calling for a proper sequel centered on Naru.

In a recent interview with Variety, Amber Midthunder was asked about any progress being made on a potential Prey 2.

Though noting that she can’t make an official “announcement” regarding the sequel, the Predator prequel star did tease that talks are underway for another chapter in the…

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