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Succession Star Brian Cox Defends J.K. Rowling Amid Controversy


Brian Cox, who stars as Logan Roy in Succession, joins the conversation on J.K. Rowling’s controversies in defense of the Harry Potter author.

Longtime actor and Succession star Brian Cox has lent his support to Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling amid her anti-trans controversy. Rowling first became a controversial figure in 2018, when she liked a post on Twitter that referred to transgender women as “men in dresses.” The following year, Rowling voiced her support for British tax expert Maya Forstater, who was let go from her job after she published a series of messages on social media referring to transgender women as men. Since then, Rowling has gone on to become more and more vocal on her transphobic views, often claiming that the existence of transgender woman erases the hardships that cisgender women have had to go through. Her comments have caused massive controversy from many once-loyal Harry Potter fans, and have divided many actors within the franchise itself.

Now, Succession‘s Brian Cox has joined the conversation, siding with Rowling after the author…

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