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Harry Stone’s Fate In Night Court Reboot Is A Sad Reminder Of Reality


Warning: Contains spoilers for the Night Court reboot, episode 1The Night Court reboot reveals the fate of the original series’ Harry Stone, and it is made sadder by the true connection to the character’s actor, Harry Anderson. The original Night Court was Anderson’s first major work as an actor, running for nine seasons as part of NBC’s legendary Thursday Night Must See TV line-up. While an episode of 30 Rock tried to give Harry Stone the happy ending he didn’t get in the original Night Court finale, the reboot goes in a sadder but still satisfying direction.

Many believe that the classic Night Court was created as a vehicle for Harry Anderson, given that the central character of Judge Harry Stone was, like Anderson, an avid fan of jazz legend Mel Torme and a talented magician. This was purely coincidental, however, according to Night Court creator Reinhold Weege, who claimed that he had based the series around…

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