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Russell Crowe Gives Doubtful Update On Gladiator 2 Return


Gladiator 2 has received a disappointing update from original star Russell Crowe. The film is a decades-later sequel to the 2000 Best Picture winner Gladiator, which followed Crowe’s character Maximus Decimus Meridius, a general who is stripped of his rank and forced to fight in the gladiator arena in ancient Rome. The sequel, which will see original director Ridley Scott returning, recently cast Normal People star Paul Mescal in the role of a grown-up Lucius Verus, the young son of Connie Nielsen’s original character Lucilla, who was played by Spencer Treat Clark in 2000.

Crowe appeared on a recent episode of the Fitzy and Wippa podcast to discuss the upcoming Gladiator 2. Although he reveals that he and Scott have discussed the film over dinner so he knows “roughly how he’s shaping the story,” and that it will take place long after Maximus died, implying that he won’t be returning. He also clarifies the timeline of the sequel,…

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