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Shia LaBeouf Is A Greek Goddess In Coppola’s Megalopolis Set Photos


Shia LaBeouf is practically unrecognizable as a Greek goddess in set photos from Megalopolis. LaBeouf lately has made more headlines for the roles he’s lost than those he’s won, recently becoming embroiled in controversy yet again over his alleged firing from Olivia Wilde’s movie Don’t Worry Darling. But the ever-fascinating LaBeouf seems to have now firmly secured a major role in a highly-anticipated movie, signing on for legendary director Francis Ford Coppola’s mysterious epic film Megalopolis.

LaBeouf’s fans have in fact just been treated to their first glimpse of the actor on the set of Megalopolis, and the photos are fascinating to say the least.

In the images (via ET), LaBeouf is nearly unrecognizable in full makeup and wearing the robes and gold headpiece of a Greek goddess as he films on the streets of Atlanta. Check out the pictures of LaBeouf’s mysterious new role by clicking here.

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