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Weight Loss Surgery Saves Life Of Woman Who Weighed 900 Pounds


By the time Katie Peterson’s weight reached 900 pounds, she knew her very life depended on getting bariatric surgery.

She was barely able to breathe, let alone walk. As her weight kept rising, she spent two years confined to her home, needing help to get out of bed or walk to the bathroom. Going to a doctor’s appointment required an ambulance crew and volunteer firefighters to lift her out of the house.

Without bariatric surgery, Peterson says she couldn’t lower her life-threatening weight. But when she began reaching out to hospitals in 2021 to request the procedure, they told her she was too heavy for it and that they couldn’t accommodate somebody her size. About 20 different hospitals turned Peterson down, she says.

“It was really hard. I seriously at one point I thought that there was no hope,” Peterson, 44, who lives in Lusk, Wyoming, tells TODAY.com.

“I was almost to the point of giving up… I’d probably be dead today. That’s how bad my health was.”

“She was going to die,” confirms Dr. Robert Quaid, a weight-loss surgeon at UCHealth in Fort Collins, Colorado, the only doctor who decided to take her on.

“She was in extreme need, but she was also an…

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