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These Celebs Can’t Get Enough of The North Face Cropped Puffer


This winter, one brand has emerged as a reliable go-to amongst the fashionable set: The North Face. To be clear, the brand has always occupied a special place in fashion, aided in part by its ongoing collaborations with Supreme and last year’s buzzy partnership with Gucci. But North Face has achieved undeniable ubiquity this year. One of my Vogue colleagues remarked to my very own one with, “Wow, does everyone in the city really have a North Face puffer now.” It was a fair read. Walking around the Brooklyn neighborhood of Bushwick, I can sometimes spot two or three wearers of the brand on one block. During a recent episode of HBO Max’s Gossip Girl reboot, I spotted no less than two prominent North Face moments. 

The jacket has even invaded the celebrity style world. Model Emily Ratajkowski has emerged as a sort-of unofficial ambassador for the brand, donning North Face jackets for everything from courtside dates to casual strolls about town. Her multi-occasion styling makes sense. North Face jackets are delightfully versatile—as proven by Adam Sandler accepting an award in one last month

The trendiest North Face joke is undoubtedly the recently relaunched 1996…

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