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The Really (Really) Short Workouts That Actually Make a Difference


The science has spoken: you do not need to exercise for hours on end in order to improve all aspects of your health, nor to boost your life expectancy. In fact, the secret to feeling fit, healthy, and mentally buoyant actually lies in how consistently you move. Even the most die-hard fitness experts agree that getting your heart pumping, however you choose to do it, is the ticket to improving your health—and you don’t need to commit to hour-long studio classes to do that.

“The great part about exercise (particularly low-intensity exercise, such as walking, stair climbing, steady-state cycling) is that it all counts, and it’s also cumulative,” agrees trainer-to-the-stars Luke Worthington. “When it comes to low-intensity exercise, doing an hour in one go is really not much different to doing two [sessions] of 20 minutes or 12 [sessions] of five minutes. It’s as simple as making the decision to move purposefully each day. That includes taking the stairs instead of the lift, getting off the bus a stop earlier, or even walking around the supermarket instead of ordering online. It all counts!” 

So, how short is short? And how can those of us who are time-poor (or…

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