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Viral jar lid trick may have you ditching jar opener gadgets: How to do it


If you’re struggling to open a jar on your own, TikTok users may have found a solution.

Paul Treyvaud, an Irish restaurant owner and multimedia lifestyle presenter of Treyvaud Travels and Treyvauds Kitchen, showed his followers how to remove a lid from a hard-to-open jar with a spoon, and the video has gone viral with others testing out the hack.

“People with arthritis, people that are elderly, people who don’t have strength in their hands, this is a huge tip for you,” Treyvaud said at the start of his video, which was published on Dec. 20, 2022.


Treyvaud explained that a household spoon can be used to open a jar of any size when the utensil’s tip is placed under the lid, where a “groove” is built in and sits flush with the jar’s mouth.

“The reason why it’s so hard to open these jars is very, very simple, it’s because of the suction when they close it and that’s what’s making it hard,” Treyvaud said in his video. 

“Get a little teaspoon, a small spoon, go into one of the grooves…on the edge of the jar and underneath the lid, and listen,” he added.

He demonstrated the spoon hack with a jar of pickles and…

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