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Denver places two-week limit on migrant shelter, as Colo. gov stops busing migrants to major cities


The city of Denver announced this week that it is limiting the stays of arriving migrants in their shelters for two weeks, as the city says it is trying to regain the use of the recreation centers that have been converted into emergency housing amid a surge in migrants to the city.

In an announcement on Monday, the city said it has been telling migrants that their stay in shelters is “to last no more than two weeks” as it seeks to maintain “sustainable, safe and stable operations while continuing to bring our recreation centers back online for the Denver community.”

This is happening as the city says that the number of people staying in the emergency shelters has “leveled off” as a result of a decrease in arrivals and as more migrants are leaving them. Authorities said that there are currently 560 migrants in the city’s emergency shelters and so far it has aided over 4,000 migrants since the beginning of December.

Denver is the latest non-border city to be overwhelmed with migrants as a knock-on effect of the ongoing crisis at the border, which has seen hundreds of thousands of migrant encounters each month — with many being released into the interior of the U.S.


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