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Analysis: There’s a larger ‘classified’ problem to confront


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This is getting absurd.

Americans have had the opportunity to choose from between three people to be president since 2016, and all three have been found to have classified documents they should not have.

Clearly, there’s a larger problem.

We, the public, don’t know what documents President Joe Biden had locked up in his garage or in the manila folder in his Penn Biden Center office.

We don’t know specifics about what documents the FBI photographed on the floor at former President Donald Trump’s Mar a Lago resort.

We don’t even know for sure what documents were on Hillary Clinton’s email server, although we do know that dozens of those documents were retroactively classified years after the fact, long after the existence of her private email server became a political albatross.

Classified documents, and their appearance in email, offices, a storage room and a garage, have created…

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