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Japan PM tells Biden that new era requires more military muscle



Japan has joined Western powers in imposing sanctions on Russia and has provided humanitarian, although not military, aid to Ukraine since President Vladimir Putin invaded in February 2022.

Kishida called it a “major shift” in Japan’s policy toward Russia following marathon but unsuccessful talks to resolve a dispute over islands seized by Soviet troops shortly after Tokyo’s surrender in 1945.

Kishida was visiting Washington at the end of a tour of Group of Seven nations as Japan starts its year leading the elite club of industrial democracies, in which the country is proud to be the only non-Western member.

“Japan’s participation in the measures against Russia transformed the fight against Russia’s aggression against Ukraine from a transatlantic one to a global one,” Kishida said.

Biden in the Oval Office meeting hailed Japan’s firmness on Ukraine.

“We’re stepping up to hold Putin accountable for his unprovoked war in Ukraine and I want to thank you, thank you for your strong leadership on this from the first conversation,” Biden said.

As part of its new defence policy, Japan is going on a shopping spree and is looking to buy hundreds of Tomahawk…

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