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Saskatchewan’s open skies make the perfect spot for falconry


The sport of falconry has a long history in the land of the living skies.

By definition, it pertains to the hunting of wild animals in their natural habitat by means of a trained bird of prey.

Dana Green recently became a full-fledged falconer after completing the required multi-year apprenticeship with the Saskatchewan falconer’s club. Her winged partner is a two-year-old female peregrine falcon named Eos.

“To me, falconry is this beautiful intersection of culture, history, wildlife and conservation,” Green said.

The history of falconry in Saskatchewan dates back to the 1950s with the creation of the Saskatchewan Falconry Association.

There are around 25 active falconers in the province. The steps to becoming one are quite extensive, as you must go through an apprenticeship that lasts several years.

“You’ve got to get your accommodations all sorted out and there’s a training period with books to read and videos to follow,” said Iain Timmins, the president of the Saskatchewan Falconers Club.

“All preparing you for that amazing day when you get your first bird.”

During hunting season, a falconer and their bird will hunt quarry such as ducks, quail, partridge…

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