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Protestors and activists clash at Calgary all-ages drag brunch


There was a noisy protest with a heavy police presence at an all-ages drag event in Calgary on Sunday morning.

Protesters who were against the event were met by LGBTQ2S+ supporters. The two groups were face-to-face outside the Rec Room where the event was set to be held at 10:30 a.m.

Some came with signs saying: Save the Children. Others placards read: We Are Your Children.

“I am trans and I was a trans child too,” said counter demonstrator Comrade Borscht. “Drag events are safe queer spaces. Especially for queer children it can be very comforting to see people like them around —people who have gone through some oppression and discrimination and they were challenged with it. But in the end, they are thriving and having fun and dancing to some silly songs.”

Police say there were around 30 protestors at the event compared to around 100 counter protestors.

One person was removed and arrested but not charged.

There were over 20 officers on scene — some using mountain bikes as a barriers between the two groups but the Calgary Police Service said the gathering was relatively peaceful.

Those supporting the drag event said they were happy to see many people come out to…

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