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Corruption scandal: Marc Angel secures Eva Kaili’s Parliament VP spot


Marc Angel, a first-term socialist MEP from Luxembourg, has been elected as one of the 14 Vice-Presidents of the European Parliament, filling the vacant spot left by Eva Kaili.

The Greek legislator was stripped of her position last month after she was detained by Belgian authorities and charged with accepting “large sums of money” and “substantial gifts” from a Gulf Persian country, widely identified as Qatar.

Kaili’s shocking arrest triggered a summary process to remove her from her position as Vice-President, to which she ascended in January 2022. Kaili has been in prison since mid-December and remains a titular MEP.

Her lawyer has emphatically defended her innocence, arguing the Belgian authorities have “no evidence to substantiate the charge of bribery.” Qatar also refutes the accusations.

The European Parliament is now scrambling to strengthen its internal rules of procedure, crack down on misconduct and restore lost trust. But civil society organisations have already warned the proposed set of reforms is insufficient and overly reliant on self-enforcement.

“I would have preferred to be Vice-President in other circumstances,” Marc Angel told Euronews right after his election…

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