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China’s pet sitters back in business after COVID-19 reopening



Pet ownership in China has soared as the country’s middle class expands rapidly. In 2022, there were nearly 100 million pet-owning households.

Many are devoted owners prepared to fork over huge sums to ensure their pets’ comfort.

Media in Shanghai reported that a single night in some pet-sitting establishments was priced at 1,000 yuan (US$147), well over the average price of a hotel room for a person.

Sha said someone once sent her a 1,000-word document on how to look after their cat.

“Most of the clients see their cats as their family members, and they don’t care how much they spend on them,” she said.

Some even prefer their furry family members over their human ones.

“Personally, I’d rather spend time with the dogs here than go back home,” said Mei, a worker at Zhou’s dog hotel.

“Like most families, when we first meet for the holidays it’s very happy – but as time goes on, there may be some arguments.”

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