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Windrows along Edmonton’s Whyte Ave has store owners concerned about business, customer safety


Some business owners along Edmonton’s Whyte Avenue are airing their frustrations over the state of windrows in front of their stores.

“People have been getting stuck in it, people have been falling over it — it’s ridiculous,” said S&M High Fidelity owner Mike Harlow.

The windrow in front of Harlow’s Whyte Ave audio store has lead to a mountain of problems.

“It’s amazingly frustrating and its costing us money,” Harlow said.

He said beyond that, it’s dangerous.

“I had a client’s wife bring a turn table in for service to us and she fell backwards and I actually caught her from just about falling into traffic,” Harlow said.

And he’s not the only business owner with curbside complaints.

“Lots of people are complaining and coming to us and saying why should Whyte Avenue be in this situation?” Lotus House of Kebab owner Ben Arbabi said.

Arbabi said customers are having a difficult time finding parking near his restaurant.

“If someone slips here or if someone can’t walk well or cannot park well here, if some accidents happen here, then there will be a blockage of Whyte Avenue — then there would be a huge problem,” Arbabi said.

Both business…

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