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Under attack from both Republicans and Democrats, Biden tours border


As President Biden stepped off Air Force One in El Paso to tour the U.S. border on Sunday, Texas Gov. Greg Abbott was on the tarmac waiting.

After greeting the president, the combative Republican governor handed Biden a sharply worded letter in which he criticized him for pushing “open-border policies” and demanded that he resume construction of the border wall promised, but never completed, by former President Trump.

It was the latest round of political theater for Abbott, who describes the stream of asylum seekers arriving at the southern border as an “invasion” and who in recent months has spent millions of taxpayer dollars busing recently arrived migrants to Democratic-run cities on the East Coast.

It also underscored the fundamental challenges faced by Biden, whose recent efforts to address a historic surge in migration have angered not only Republicans but also some members of his own party and human rights advocates.

After Biden announced last week that he would expand a Trump policy giving border agents the power to quickly turn back asylum seekers, he was slammed in a joint statement by several Democratic senators for “stranding migrants…

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